All About PostgreSQL

Cloudway aspires to be synonymous with enterprise-grade PostgreSQL wherever we operate. PostgreSQL is the world’s most popular and advanced open-source relational database. It provides highly available, fault-tolerant database technology with enterprise-grade features to support the most demanding application environments. To support our customers’ data management and cloud goals, modernize their applications and innovate at scale, we offer tailor-made solutions based on PostgreSQL. We provide all deployment options – on prem, in the cloud or hybrid – all supported by a team of highly skilled specialists. With the refactoring expertise of our team, our customers can move off hefty, expensive, and proprietary databases, free themselves of licensing constraints and migrate their workloads to private, hybrid or public cloud without compromising performance and security.

PostgreSQL-related Services

Cloudway’s PostgreSQL-related services portfolio includes Administration, Replication, Consulting, Database Design, Support, Migration and Development. Cloudway uses CYBERTEC’s CYPEX® to quickly build PostgreSQL applications. CYPEX requires little coding but achieves big results – which makes it one of the fastest development tools available for PostgreSQL. For web development, we also use React JS and Django frameworks

Oracle Migration

To move away from Oracle is not an easy decision and not a game for everyone. Without the right technology, migration and development expertise and support, it is simply mission impossible. Cloudway works closely with the world’s best in migrating Oracle to PostgreSQL and knows well how to master this game. Our PostgreSQL and Oracle experts fully comprehend both sides and guarantee smooth and timely migrations – of any complexity – with zero risk.

Cloud Native PostgreSQL

CloudNativePG is the open-source Kubernetes operator, originally created by EDB, that covers the full life cycle of a highly available Postgres database cluster with a primary/standby architecture using native streaming replication.

Geospatial Systems

PostGIS extends the capabilities of PostgreSQL by adding support for storing, indexing, and querying geographic data. PostGIS is the most popular geospatial database in the world. Cloudway has vast in-house experience in developing and supporting large and complex geospatial projects. PostgreSQL and PostGIS can equally support open-source (QGIS) and proprietary (ArcGIS) GIS software. Cloudway has experience with both.


Enterprises and governments around the globe trust EDB to harness the full power of Postgres. With unmatched expertise, EDB ensures high availability, reliability, security, 24×7 global support and advanced professional services, both on premises and in the cloud, to help you control risk, manage costs and scale efficiently. As a leading contributor to the growing Postgres community, EDB is committed to driving technology innovation. More than 1,500 organizations work with EDB to get the most out of Postgres. Cloudway is a value-added reseller of EDB in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and Cyprus


Founded in 2000, CYBERTEC was one of the first companies worldwide to specialize entirely in PostgreSQL. CYBERTEC’s main aim is to be a single source all-in-one IT service provider and offer a wide range of products and services. Cloudway is a value-added reseller of CYBERTEC in southeastern Europe.
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